Metal Frame Restoration

Metal surfaces, like window frames can develop the same unsightly stains as glass and stone over time.  Although windows glazing may be cleaned frequently, window frames tend to be cleaned very infrequently resulting in many years of build-up that needs to be removed.

Anodised aluminium powder coated frames

Powder coating is a widely accepted process that can result in a more durable and superior finish for a variety of products.  This includes façade cladding, windows and doors frames. Powder coating is incredibly durable, robust and resistant to the elements.

When it comes to sustainability, powder coating holds a distinct advantage over alternatives such as wet paints.  Renewal of a powder coating at the 20 to 25 years stage is highly unlikely.

In the outdoor environment exposure to rainwater and ultra violet light are the two main factors that are most harmful to any coated surface.

Does the  powder coating on your window frames appear to have deteriorated beyond what can be resolved by simple cleaning?

Powder coatings are generally repaired where damage has occurred but restorable where a lack of cleaning has led to a build-up of contaminants which have resulted in fading, discolouration and or chalking of the surface.

Though it may seem otherwise, in most situations  it will still be  more cost effective to restore the look of the coating (to as good as new) rather than incurring the expense of replacement.  In some cases it will be necessary to repaint your frames.

At Impact Restoration we are fully equipped to handle either scenario and provide both restoration and re-spraying services.

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Our Process

  1. Cleaning is done by hand
  2. We never use solvents, aggressive cleaners or abrasive techniques involving steel scourers or brushes which could damage the powder coating.
  3. Our cleaning solutions are gentle and effective so there is no need to apply excessive pressure or rubbing.
  4. Generally we avoid cleaning window frames in extreme temperatures either when the temperatures are cold enough to produce condensation or too hot from direct sunlight and could risk chemical reactions in the substrate.
  5. We use a simple 3-stage process to clean, restore and protect.

For best performance and longevity of any powder coated surfaces, we recommend  the adoption of a robust and structured approach to cleaning.  It is essential that routine window cleaning methods and products do not undermine the integrity of the metal surrounds.   

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Why Choose Our Services

At Impact Restoration we have the right tools and properly trained operatives to provide outstanding service that get jobs done quickly, to the highest possible standard with amazing results.

We are facade cleaning experts with years of experience, many satisfied customers and repeat clients. We believe we are the best at what we do!

  • We are an accredited Safe Contractor.
  • Fixed price quotes.
  • FREE sample clean (within M25).
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning processes.
  • Our projects deliver quality, on time within budget.
  • Our multi skilled team will save you time and money.
  • We provide an excellent and responsive customer experience.

What Our Customers Say

"Working with Impact Restoration was smooth and pain-free. We were kept updated with what was happening on the day and on the next few days, so we could let clients in the building know. The team based here were always happy to help and clear up any issues that we had. The thing I valued most was clarity of communication, which we had. The team stuck to schedule and worked hard and the building looks amazing. I would 100% recommend using Impact Restoration"

K Osborn, Community Manager, Regus, Reading

"Impact Restoration provided quality service from start to finish with minimal disruption. The team were a pleasure to deal with and the results achieved exceeded my expectations. I will use their services again in future"

I Ahaneku, Building Manager, Tishman Speyer Properties UK Ltd

"From our experience, Impact Restoration team always delivers their services in line with agreed timeframes and budgeted costs. We can rely on them to carry out works in accordance with tailored requirements, which are specific to different aspects of construction projects. We never received an answer “this might not be possible” - on contrary, Impact Restoration team always tries to accommodate our enquiries regardless of how challenging they might seem!  Thank you!"

Lisa Pozina, Head of Construction, Select Developments Group Ltd

"I run large refurbishment projects all around London and need good contractors to help finish to a high standard. We received all quotes from Impact which were very competitive and were in line with our cost budget.

Impact have been very good to work with on all levels.  All the team are punctual, professional and work areas are left clean and tidy.  Impact are now working on many of our projects and I would be more than happy to recommend Tom and his team."

Matthew Hamshere, Project Manager, DDC Ltd

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